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*NEW* Ditch Chicken Craw 3.75" (8pk & 50pk)
Our Price: $6.09


The all new Ditch Chicken Craw by Snack Daddy Lures was designed to float and entice even the most finicky bass with the ultra life-like action of the paddle tails and antenna's. This versatile lure also features a hook-set and segmented body making it easy to rig in as many different ways as you can imagine.
*NEW* 5" Bass Jerky (10pk)
Our Price: $6.09


Introducing the all new Bass Jerky by Snack Daddy Lures.
*NEW* 10" Ribbon Tail Worm (10pk)
Our Price: $6.09


Introducing the all new 10" Ribbon Tail Worm by Snack Daddy Lures.
10" Kraken (5 pack)
Our Price: $8.49


Meet the Kraken! A whopping 10" worm with a split tail for incredible action.
4"&5" Flat Bottom Worms (10 Pack)
Our Price: $6.09


The Snack Daddy Flat Bottom Worm's will be a welcome addition to any anglers tackle box. The Flat Bottom Worm is the most unique worm on the market creating more of an up and down action similar to that of a leech, compared to the standard shimmy action of our Snack Stick. This worm comes in 4 or 5 inch sizes and excels on dropshots, shakey jig heads, wacky jig heads, and even works well on a texas rig. The next time you need a bigger profile on a finesse rig reach for a Flat Bottom Worm.
4" Elite Tubes (10 & 50 Pack)
Our Price: $6.59


The Legendary Elite Tube! Designed with our customers' requests in mind, this bait is specially fortified with extra scent, salt, and made of soft, supple and life-like plastic. This tube is easily the  greatest on the market, with action unmatched in the water. Perfect for hopping around weedlines or pitching into the nastiest of debris, the Elite Tube will get the fish to bite and hang on.
Baby Elite Tubes (10 & 50 Pack)
Our Price: $5.99


Love the Legendary Elite Tube but long for a smaller scale version?  The Baby Elite Tube is born!  Just like it's daddy it is made with extra scent, salt, and made of soft, supple and life-like plastic. Perfect for popping off the bottom around rocks, weedlines, etc the Baby Elite Tube will get the fish to bite and hang on.
4" Pro Tube (10 & 50 Pack)
Our Price: $5.09


See what the Pro's have been trying to keep a secret for years. This tube is designed to do it all, in any water conditions. C-Rig, weightless, jigged or pitched, the Pro Tube will add weight to your limits faster than you can say SNACK DADDY!
3"&4" Craw Daddy
Our Price: $6.09


The one and only Craw Daddy! One of the deadliest creature baits on the market, the Craw Daddy is wonderful for pitching presentations and also as a jig trailer. Available in two sizes, this bait is a must for any serious Lunker Hunter.
4"&5" Wacky Stix (10 & 50 Pack)
Our Price: $6.09


Get WACKY! SDL Wacky Stix are the perfect bait for Wacky-rigged presentations, perfectly designed to offer a ton of action on the fall. The fish can't stand all the appendages undulating in the water. Available in two sizes and multiple colors, there is a bait for every condition! SDL's innovation with lure designs like these prove that their products are cutting edge, and a force to be reckoned with.