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The new owners are Ray Durant and Frank Evanko. Ray has been fishing the Great Lakes since 1967. That was the year his grandfather Erwin Taylor introduced him to the sport of fishing. Ray has passed his passion for fishing to his son, son-in-law and his grandson. He is well versed in all types of fishing but favors largemouth and smallmouth bass. His preferred fishing method is drop shotting. Though he has had success with many Snack Daddy Lures his go to bait is the Snack Daddy 4" Goby in Great Lakes Ice. He is proud to be part owner of Snack Daddy Lures and is excited to grow the company by producing top quality hand poured lures.

Frank is Ray's son-in-law. They have known each other for 11 years. Frank has been an outdoorsman his whole life between hunting and fishing but was introduced to bass fishing by Ray. His favorite Snack Daddy products are the all new Flat Bottom worm and the 4" bronze blue Elite Tube. He considers himself a good fisherman but is not afraid to admit that his 4 year son Zachary is better than him. He is also very jealous that his son has three fish mounted and he has none. He is also excited to be part owner of Snack Daddy Lures and he hopes to take the company to the next level by producing a larger variety of products and offer even more colors in the existing ones.

Frank spends countless hours hand dipping each Elite Tube while Ray is working to test and develop new products. Ray's wife Roseann can often be found in the shop pouring baits. Christina, Franks Wife, is the one running the day-to-day operations. Snack Daddy is proud to be a family owned and operated business. The family that makes baits together stays together!